Powerful, Versatile, Durable and Affordable Loudspeakers

At Power & Light Productions we design and build powerful, versatile, durable and affordable loudspeakers. We currently manufacture a complete line of woofers, guitar speakers, sound-reinforcement speakers and components for theatre sound. Our cabinets include bass horns, bass reflex systems, midrange systems and custom high-frequency horn cases. We also build an awesome line of professional and car audio subwoofers. We have a complete line of loudspeaker systems for concert sound promoters, musicians, sound contractors and mobile DJs. Currently under development are some of the most incredible home theatre systems available anywhere. Bottom line is...we can build and sell FIRST quality speakers at ONE HALF TO ONE THIRD the price you will pay ANYWHERE else.

FR-125 500W/RMS Full Range Loudspeaker

This is one of our most popular performers.Capable of explosive output levels and power handling in excess of 500 watts continuous RMS or 2 killowatts on peaks, it is designed and built for use with the largest amplifiers and many times due to its massively strong bass output it can serve duty on some of the very loudest stages you will ever play on without the need for a separate subwoofer. Live bands, mobile DJs or nightclubs can make use of this loudspeaker system. Example system for a nightclub: Four FR-125s around the perimeter of the dancefloor, hung from the ceiling, combined with two of our 8128H 600 watt bass scoops. You'll have a music system capable of immense power and reliability for a GREAT PRICE!! Call, write or E-mail us for a totally informative catalog with pricing! We'll ship worldwide!


First off we would like to thank all of you from around the world who have stopped by our site to check us out! THANK YOU! Because of your letters we have become aware of a genuine need for true SUBWOOFERS. True subwoofers are indeed quite rare. There are a lot of speakers out there that produce very good bass in properly designed cabinets but they are not "subwoofers". These speakers are designed to reproduce that range of frequencies that are indeed felt rather than heard. They are meant to be used at frequencies no higher than 50 to 60 Hz, then ( in the better systems...) crossed over electronically to a standard speaker system that provides the rest of the "audible" frequencies. We have found a number of 12", 15" 18" 22" and 24" speakers that qualify as true subwoofers. The speaker system in the picture is our model 8122H cinema sound subwoofer system. It generates incredibly immense amounts of clean, pure bass all the way down to approximately 20Hz! If you want to re-live ( without all the nasty consequences ) the rumble of an approaching tornado, the onset of an earthquake, or the destruction of the world...This is THE SPEAKER for the job. ENJOY!!

8118, 8128, 8138 and 8148, 400, 600, 800 and 1000W/RMS High Power Bass Horns

It's a PROVEN FACT that the most powerful and efficient loudspeakers on the face of this Earth are horn drivers of whatever type. Whether you want to amplify bass, midrange or high frequencies, horns have no equal for output. You can even stick a wimpy speaker in a horn cabinet and get decent performance out of it! HOWEVER; for those of you for whom too much is never enough, we've gone out and searched the country and the world for the most obnoxiously powerful loudspeaker components we could find! The 8148 features a conservative power rating of 1000 watts continuous RMS, over 4000 watts on peaks and enough overall output to pose a threat to small buildings. Call, write or E-mail us for a totally informative catalog with pricing! The 8218, 8238, 8248 and 8258 ( with two 18" woofers ) are also available!

8218,8238,8248, 8258 and 8334 High Power Bass Horns

Quite possibly one of the most viciously strong, incredibly powerful bass loudspeakers ever to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting audience. This system comes in four basic sizes and several different power ranges. The smallest model, featuring two 15" woofers and a 400 watt continuous RMS power rating, is quite at home working for mobile DJ's and touring bands where space is a little more ample and high power, low frequency sound can be fully appreciated. The 8334 is something else entirely. This loudspeaker system features dual 24" low frequency transducers and can sustain power inputs of 2400 watts continuous RMS and 9600 watts on peaks. The 8334 has been especially designed for those situations where delivery of the deepest, most intensely powerful bass fundamentals over long distances is absolutely critical. Set up your P.A. and ENJOY THE THUNDER! Call, write or E-mail us for a totally informative catalog with pricing!

FR-112, FR-112H, FR-122 and FR-132 Mini-Tower Full Range Loudspeakers

So far we've shown you some "take no prisoners" kind of loudspeakers. Yeah, we make politically correct ones too! Picture this: You're in a club so small your drummer is using a step ladder and a folding table for a drum riser, your speakers are up on counter tops, you're standing on some steps below the rest of your band and your keyboard player/co-lead singer...where'd SHE go!? Well maybe thats pushin' it just a tinkster but you have been there, on the stage of your nightmares, wishin' for some small speakers that could still tear the ears off the people in the front seats because you wanted to get YOUR point across! BANDS, KARAOKE PEOPLE, DISC JOCKEYS, these are the speakers you need for that little tiny hole-in-the-wall place you've been hired to play in because the club owner wanted to give his/her customers the best show they could. Featuring power ranges up to 500W/RMS and beyond, these little speakers are the best thing to happen to music since the advent of electricity. Call, write or E-mail us for a totally informative catalog with pricing! ENJOY!

FR-115 Series Medium Duty Loudspeakers

These loudspeakers are designed to accomplish a lot in a little space. Consisting basically of a 380mm bass driver coupled with a high frequency driver and horn, this speaker series is designed to be applied to a wide variety of situations. The woofer is available in power ranges of 200, 300, and 400 watts continuous RMS. Two basic types of low frequency loudspeakers are available in the "115" line; cloth or foam edge; making these speakers applicable as sidefills, drum monitors, karaoke or DJ main fills, bass guitar or keyboard reinforcement, the list of uses goes on and on. All feature HIGH output, GREAT low frequency extension, EASY maintenance and smooth output to beyond 20Khz. Call, write or E-mail us for a totally informative catalog with pricing

Power & Light Speaker Reconing Services (909) 889-2880

Bring us all of your ripped up, chewed off, thrashed out, hangin'-on-the-wall-gatherin'-dust kind of speakers you've got laying around and let us bring 'em back to life! Thats right! In the wonderful world of audio there is life after death.(At least for the equipment anyway). For almost every loudspeaker component out there, replacement or service parts are available. Our service is fast and even when you're considering the addition of shipping charges it is still, in many cases, cheaper to re-build that valuable component then it is to try to find a new replacement. We can do all sizes of speakers all the way down to 8" in size ( the smaller sizes are frequently cheaper to replace than to repair). For several years now we've been specializing in reconing and upgrading a great many vintage and obsolete American made loudspeakers from some companies, very definitely still with us, such as JBL, Cerwin Vega and Electro Voice to other great American names that are no longer with us such as GAUSS and Altec Lansing. So if you've got a JBL Paragon or Altec Voice of the Theatre or that little tiny 2-way control room monitor you're depending on for crystal clear sound; call us and let us send you a full line price sheet, 'cause we can fix it.

High Power Midrange Systems

Power & Light Productions midrange systems are designed to keep up with and fully augment our single and double element low frequency loudspeakers. Here again we make the case for horn loading: It takes so much less power to drive a horn loaded component to the high sound levels necessary for modern concert sound reinforcement. It is true that even high quality horn systems are not nearly as easy to "EQ" as those simple front loaded cabinets currently in general use.However, if you're willing and able to invest a little extra time on your equalization, these loudspeakers can deliver a power and presence unmatched by anything else available. Our midrange systems are available with single or double 10", 12" and 15" cone drivers and power ranges all the way up to 800 watts continuous RMS and peaks (AES) over 3 killowatts.

Power & Light Productions Horns

Power & Light Productions horns are available in all primary dispersion angles and two basic throat sizes to accommodate almost every conceivable use. They are available as integral parts of our standard multi-element high performance loudspeaker systems or they can be set into their own custom cabinets, with or without integral cross-over networks, for installation into custom sound systems to fit a customers specific needs. The unit in the picture is our model H8120, a 120 x 40 degree wide angle 2" throat system capable of 109db @1 watt @ 1 meter and high frequency response to very nearly 20khz. Steep waveforms of explosive loudness are effortlessly reproduced with incredible clarity and smoothness. Call, write or E-mail us for a totally informative catalog with pricing.


We have our own line of custom designed loudspeakers for those of you who wish to build your own cabinets. They range in size from 8" and approximately 100 watts all the way up to a 24" monsters capable of a blistering 1500 watts RMS. Nominal sizes are 8", 10", 12", 15", 18", 21" and 24", with foam or cloth edges available in all sizes except the 21" and 24" which are available with cloth edges only. All sizes from 8" to 15" are available in three basic configurations; extended bass, high efficiency bass and midrange. The midrange components can also double as lead or bass guitar. Although we, of course, would like to sell our own line of speakers we also feel it is in our best interests if we can help you become a more informed customer! If we can answer your questions or even just acquaint you with how the rest of the industry goes about providing you with what they consider a good quality loudspeaker component maybe you'll choose to buy from us simply because we treated you right in the first place. We believe that instead of hearing... "Oh, Yeah, We got EXACTLY what you're looking for!" and then we try to sell you something you don't need. We think you would rather hear... "Well, we don't have exactly what you're looking for at the moment, but, we can custom build it for you or you can shop at Beyma, Electro Voice, Eminence, Faital Pro, JBL, McCauley, RCF or JBL/Selenium to name a few". There are MANY MORE but these companies, we believe, are the best of the bunch! Complementing OUR low frequency drivers are two titanium diaphragm compression drivers, available in 1" and 2" throat sizes. Also available are two supertweeters in both slot and bullet styles. Both of our high frequency drivers feature crisp, natural reproduction of speech and music with minimal distortion and freedom from colouration. Call,write or E-mail us for a totally informative catalog with pricing!


We have greatly expanded and at the same time simplified our component line. This has allowed us to offer a greatly expanded line of complete loudspeaker system models. We now have 14 fullrange, 5 midrange and 17 low-frequency loudspeaker systems with more on the way! The "FR-100 series" 12" and 15" based speaker systems are also available with dual woofers. All the important numbers are right here


If you would like to see some pertinent numbers on our loudspeaker systems without waiting for your catalog to arrive thats understandable. It's kind of handy knowing in advance of sending that E-mail or mailing that letter whether or not you can even use the stuff. Here are the specifications on our 8200 Series, our 8100 Series bass speakers, our FR-115 Series full range loudspeakers, and our FR-112 Series 12" based full range loudspeakers

How do you choose an amplifier?

We believe that the BEST amplifiers for all speakers out there, regardless of brand, including ours, are those amplifiers that are capable of developing HUGE amounts of pure, clean, undistorted power into ANY IMPEDANCE you are likely (or even unlikely...) to hook them up to! ALL SPEAKERS vary from their stated impedance by large margins depending on the frequency of the audio being fed to them. This can get REALLY COMPLEX in a hurry, so to keep it simple (so you don't fall ASLEEP while you're reading this). If you basically HAVE NO CLUE what sort of amplifier to buy for your sound system do it this way... buy the most MONSTROUS, OBSCENELY POWERFUL amplifier that your finances will permit you to get. Usually people will get "buyers remorse" after they've had a sound system and they've BLOWN THEIR TWEETERS for the umpteenth time because they bought an amplifier that WASN'T POWERFUL ENOUGH to do the job!! Yes... you read that right! Amplifier power is like horsepower in your car. Too MUCH is way better than NOT ENOUGH!! Our philosophy is that your chosen amplifier should have a MINIMUM of 2 to 4 times the continuous RMS (that's very important) power rating of the speaker system you are going to use it with! What brand of amplifier should you buy? That's really up to you but here are a few of our suggestions... American Audio, Behringer, Carvin, Crest, and Crown are good choices. Amplifiers from Peavey, QSC and Samson will also get the job done in a reliable way. There are, of course, a GREAT MANY MORE, but, these are the ones we are familiar with. A good rule of thumb to use is if the amplifier you're looking at is easy to "study" or get information on it's probably one of the better choices.

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